Herbal teas, supplements, and more to support the hair, skin and nails.

Natural botanical products to help support the body’s hair, skin and nail tissue.

One benefit, many products

The natural products* in this section are used in traditional medicine: 

✓ To help support the production of the body's hair, skin and nail tissue,
✓ As a complementary aid in reducing redness and inflammation associated with pimples and other skin discolorations,                ✓ As a natural aid in evening out skin tone, and strengthening hair and nail tissue,
✓And some of these products* may also have other benefits such as detoxification of the blood leading to clearer skin, anti-inflammatory action to help reduce skin redness and swelling, and helping to naturally prevent other hair, skin and nail issues.

Our products are 100% natural, carefully selected and we are proud to be HACCP, GMP & GSP certified. 

What Does it Mean to be HACCP Certified? 

This is a management system which is preventative and aimed at reducing the risk of safety hazards in the food industry.
Food safety is important to the team at Hanan Peruvian Secrets. We are committed to provide customers the highest quality of products.


*These botanical products can be used as a natural nutritional aid and are not intended to replace conventional medicine or your physician prescription.